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Photograph of Nichola Ward

Nichola Ward

Creative Director

Photograph of Helen Mort

Helen Mort

Managing Director

Photograph of Andy Cope

Andy Cope

Operations Director

Photograph of Jim Parkin

Jim Parkin

Project Director

Photograph of Mathew Reeder

Mathew Reeder

Finance Director

Photograph of Barry Yearsley

Barry Yearsley

3D Designer

Photograph of Harriet Whitehead

Harriet Whitehead

3D Designer

Photograph of Katherine Larner

Katherine Larner

3D Designer

Photograph of Adam Knowles

Adam Knowles

Interpretation & Education Coordinator

Photograph of Marie Gallon

Marie Gallon

Graphic Designer

Photograph of Carl Clarkson

Carl Clarkson

Project Manager

Photograph of Sarah Spurr

Sarah Spurr

Office Manager

Photograph of Paul Garside

Paul Garside


Photograph of Lorna Hampton- Bowes

Lorna Hampton- Bowes


Photograph of Pickle


Studio Mascot

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