Woodland Trust Wandering Tree

Core worked with the Woodland Trust to create a mobile interpretation hub to encourage visitors to engage with nature at woodland sites.

The Wandering Tree encourages visitors to stop, think and connect with the woods through their senses. The hub was designed to blend in with its surroundings and allow visitors to stumble across it while exploring the woodland. Able to be moved to different sites, the Wandering Tree features graphic frames and chalk boards to allow for changeable and updatable content depending on location and season.

Inside the hub, fun games and hands-on activities encourage younger visitors to learn through play and exploration - these include lift reveals, a finger map, and crawl holes. The hub also links to the Woodland Trust’s ‘Nature Detectives’ resources for outdoor learning.

We carried out extensive prototyping in order to choose the correct sustainable materials for the Wandering Tree’s construction, which needed to be natural, hardwearing and deconstructable. We also created subtle proximity signs in the vicinity of the hub to guide visitors in its direction.