Viking: Rediscover the Legend

Viking: Rediscover the Legend is an exciting new touring exhibition designed by The Creative Core for York Museums Trust in partnership with the British Museum.

A fantastic array of Viking and Saxon artefacts will be on display including iconic objects such as the Gilling Sword, York Helmet and one of the Lewis Chessmen.

Changing the way in which people perceive Vikings, this new exhibition aims to challenge the common misconception that Vikings were no more than pillaging thieves. The exhibition includes evidence supported by artefacts that demonstrate the breadth of Viking religion and culture, including their skills as craftsmen.

Beautiful graphic design incorporates high-resolution photography of the artefacts to allow visitors to study them in detail. Fun interactives feature alongside the artefacts to help visitors appreciate them in the context of the story. There is even an opportunity to experience what it was like to row a Viking long boat! With the seascape backdrop and audio of crashing waves and shouting Viking voices, visitors will realise the strength and difficulty needed to haul such huge boats through the water!