The Queen’s College, Oxford

In 2016 The Queen’s College, Oxford celebrated its 675th anniversary. The iconic story and ancient history would be celebrated with Old Members at a special anniversary gala and exhibition.

The Queen's College required an inspiring display and timeline of events that would leave a lasting impression in visitors minds.

The Creative Core were asked to provide the creative interpretation and graphic design to present the College’s historic journey. The story began with the acquisition of land in 1341, highlighting momentous milestones along the way before summarising the most recent extension of the College library beneath Provost’s Garden, this year.

The finished display now sits proudly amongst the College’s Front Quad cloisters, posing a striking juxtaposition between ancient architecture and innovative design technology.

“As the idea took shape, I became increasingly excited about the finished product, but when in place, the timeline surpassed all my expectations.”
Anna Thorne, Director of Development, The Queen's College, Oxford