The Churches Conservation Trust

The Churches Conservation Trust cares for historic churches no longer used for religious purposes. The Creative Core developed interpretation at five of the Grade I listed flagship sites: St John the Baptist, Bristol, All Saints Church, Cambridge, St. Peter’s Church, Sandwich, St. Peter’s Church, Northampton and Holy Trinity Church, York. 

Each church has its own unique identity, history and stories to tell. Whilst the buildings are no longer used for worship, our designs needed to maintain sensitive links to this religious past. Often a significant and iconic part of a local community, we strove to maintain these community links by working closely with each local volunteer group. Our interpretive design workshops encouraged local teams to take ownership of the interpretation and the design approach we took. This helped to realise unique ideas in each church, offering interpretation appropriately tailored to the local history. 

Some of the interpretive media includes: suspended artistic sculptures at Northampton, a ‘medieval selfie’ photo opportunity at Bristol, animated film projections at Bristol and Cambridge, a Pepper’s Ghost illusion and even interpretive bird box trail at York!

We also worked with a number of academics and historians from the volunteer team to create an interpretation plan and concept designs to support a HLF bid, which was successfully approved, allowing the client team to realise their wider ambitions.

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