RSPB Inner Forth

The Inner Forth consists of some of Scotland’s most important natural heritage sites and is host to diverse geology and rich habitats. We created a series of interpretation boards to educate and inform visitors about the importance of this landscape and the diversity of wildlife it is home to.

Our designs included a number of bespoke illustrations. Maps were created to give a recognisable style to each location to help orientate visitors to each site. Illustrations of flora and fauna also gave visitors an insight into what they
might see in the landscape.

Sustainability in an external environment was important for this HLF-funded project. We provided a robust, weather-proof solution and implemented the full scheme from design through to installation - making sure that this was carried out sensitively to avoid any impact on the landscape and wildlife.

We also created a number of teaching packs for primary school teachers to engage children on visits. This included a printed pack of activities and posters and linen bags with a range of props and objects linked to the activities. The activities were based around topics such as transport, farming and livestock and were directly linked to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.