Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants: The Illustrated World of Nick Sharratt

Showcasing the work of illustrator Nick Sharratt, The Creative Core created an exhibition to appeal to a broad family audience. The bright colours and slightly cheeky aspect of Nick’s work was incorporated into the overall design, as well as adding a range of fun, low-tech interactives such as a 100mph dog race and giant-sized books and pencils. 

A dressing-up area for children and adults proved a big hit – neoprene wigs and boots, and even an octopus and pineapple were included! Digital interpretation included a ‘Create Your Own Sharracter’ touchscreen and two bespoke films about Nick’s career and illustrating techniques.

The Creative Core also responded to the brief to design an exhibition which is easy to assemble and dismantle by two people. Specifying lightweight materials and a portable showcase system meant that the exhibition is completely flexible, both for travelling to other venues and for updating the appearance of the exhibition quickly within the same venue.