Longstone Lighthouse

Longstone Lighthouse sits proudly in the North Sea off the coast of Northumberland. In a new exhibition, The Creative Core tell the dramatic story of Grace Darling and her father, who in 1838 rowed into the sea to save the lives of nine people from a shipwreck.

An old workshop converted into a new visitor centre gives an introduction to Trinity House, the governing body for lighthouses in England & Wales.

A range of interpretation sets the context of the lighthouse within the Farne Islands, including a film and bespoke-made books. These are designed to illustrate the interpretation on display in the tower to ensure it is accessible for those unable or unwilling to climb the steep staircase.

Family-friendly exhibits such as interactive games and puzzles include a spinning semaphore quiz, and a ‘touch and feel’ interactive which uses beautiful replica eggs to help visitors to identify which native Farne Islands bird they belong to.