The Endeavour Experience

HMS Endeavour, also known as HM Bark Endeavour, was a British Royal Navy research vessel that Lieutenant James Cook commanded to Australia and New Zealand on his first voyage of discovery from 1768 to 1771.

Core helped create the Endeavour Experience. onboard the only life size replica of HM Bark Endeavour in the northern hemisphere, and Whitby’s newest family tourist attraction.

This unique experience combines a commercial business with historic spaces, needing to balance fine dining and events alongside tourism visits, school groups and heritage seekers, plus a hearty dose of ship enthusiasts!

Core developed a series of engagements that entertained and educated, maximising use of the small challenging spaces, and allowing untimate flexibility for staff.

Hands on engagements included knot tying, learning navigation techniques, star gazing and dress up. Whilst digital technology was used to add a human element - sounds of sea shanty’s and ‘Land Ahoy!’, smells of fish and smoke, silhouettes of sailors behind the ships sails.

Props and artefacts were used to set dress the many cabins, from the Captain’s quarters to the butcher and the ship’s Doctor.

One of the main audio visual experiences takes place in the Great Cabin, recreating iconic scenes from Cook’s epic journey - the first sight of land, hitting the rocks, and extreme weather. Projected onto electronic film on the ships windows, the scenes appeared through the glass as though the ship really was sailing on it’s maiden voyage.