Hadrian’s Cavalry

A number of highly significant archaeological artefacts are the focus of this temporary exhibition which unites ten sites across the length of Hadrian’s Wall. The common theme explores the Roman Cavalry which once patrolled and defended the wall.

We used innovative techniques including magnets and 3D printing to create bespoke mounts for some of the artefacts, such as a Spatha sword-type weapon. The mounts are designed to securely hold artefacts in dynamic object displays, whilst blending seamlessly into the background. Objects displayed en masse include a large number of spearheads; incorporated into a background graphic they appear to be paused in motion - dramatically pointing towards the visitor!

Specific interpretation for children includes a wall-wide trail and fun interactives: how to dress your horse and a Roman version of the popular game ‘snakes and ladders’. A life-size Roman horse sculpture creates a stunning introduction to one gallery, whilst a re-enactment film brings to life the relationship between horse and cavalryman.