Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust

Marking the recent union of the charities Dudley Canal Trust and Dudley Canal Trips, the newly formed Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust appointed The Creative Core to design an exhibition telling the story of the life and history of the canals. An immersive experience greets visitors at the start of the exhibition, exploring how the tunnels were formed through mining.

Entering what appears to be a dark and enclosed space, the visitor is immersed in an effective, atmospheric soundscape. An intense experience is created with the sounds of hammering and men shouting, before a dramatic explosion! Silence follows, which slowly leads the visitor in to the light of the present day and the sounds of birdsong.

To mark the new offering of the alliance, The Creative Core also designed a new logo and brand for the charity to be applied across a range of media, including a new website and printed literature.