Doncaster 1914-18: Estate of War

Another instalment of the Doncaster 1914-18 project, Cusworth Hall, an 18th Century Grade I listed country house is now home to a new exhibition designed by The Creative Core.

'Estate of War’ uses a range of interpretive techniques to tell the story of the golden age of country houses before WWI and their demise following the end of the War.

At the heart of the exhibition is a large display case that comes to life through dynamic display. The display uses conservation-grade materials and a range of artefacts, including a nurse's uniform, a pheasant, heartfelt personal letters and a drum. Each item is carefully displayed by the The Creative Core team so that visitors are not only able to explore the collection, but the items are preserved and remain in-tact.

Bright and informative graphics carry personal anecdotes to add a human element and help bring these stories to life. Interactive elements were also designed by The Creative Core, such as a magnetic panel that gives visitors an opportunity to create their own lavish event within the house, choosing their own menu and entertainment.

A touchscreen allows the visitor to explore further afield with more information available about local country houses including maps, photographs and personal accounts. This interactivity, together with the magnetic panel increases visitor engagement as well as the visitor experience.

And finally, utilising The Creative Core's interpretive skills and experience, a listening post provides emotive interpretation; where the personal and heartfelt letters have been changed into the spoken word - again adding to the overall visitor experience at Cusworth Hall.

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