Diss Heritage Triangle

Diss Heritage Triangle allows visitors to explore the traditional town centre of Diss through a combination of external interpretation, mixed media and online content.

Core created a mobile responsive website which allowed visitors to Diss in Norfolk to explore the history of the town. An interactive touchscreen kiosk allowed visitors to the Corn Hall to explore the content around People, Buildings and Businesses as well as a digital 3D map reconstruction of historic Diss.

The website includes archive information on the history of Diss throughout the centuries, its most famous people and the origin of some of its iconic buildings. Our objective was to create a mobile and desktop based interactive site, which would allow for easy use, and straight forward updatability by the client. Audiences are encouraged to explore through maps, the changes to the town and to visit with a new outlook.

We also created a trail of external monoliths to lead visitors to Diss on a historical tour of people, places and buildings. Complementary exhibition displays featured in the newly renovated Corn Hall and included a large scale feature timeline. Local shops and businesses were included in the project and many hosted ‘peep show’ discovery boxes in shop windows and displays. These curiosity cabinets showcased artefacts from the local museum and created a story link between places, signposting to the next.