Dippy On Tour Rochdale

Dippy on Tour sees the Natural History Museum’s iconic diplodocus skeleton arrive in Rochdale on the penultimate leg of its UK odyssey. Core delivered the design, fit-out and installation of Dippy on Tour in Rochdale, which has attracted a record 100,000 visitors to date.

Core worked with Rochdale Borough Council, and Link4Life to support masterplanning, NLHF funding applications, interpretation and design for Dippy on Tour in Rochdale. We helped plan the exhibition across two venues in Rochdale town centre: Number One Riverside and Touchstones museum, including visitor routes and wayfinding between the two.

Dippy on Tour aims to inspire the next generation of scientists by giving them access to fantastic, nationally important exhibits like Dippy, encouraging them to study STEM subjects and take up careers in STEM industries. Dippy’s stay in Rochdale will coincide with a host of cultural and educational activities focussed around the key themes of evolution and origins, biodiversity, climate change and sustainability.

The adventure begins at Touchstones museum with an exhibition exploring the natural world today and in prehistoric times. A dinosaurs gallery is surrounded by gigantic wall graphics comparing the sizes of different dinosaurs, displaying palaeontological objects from museums in the North West and featuring fun interactive dino bone jigsaws and a pterosaur mobile. Next comes an immersive gallery recreating the swampland conditions Dippy would have encountered on a visit to Rochdale 250 million years ago. Here, visitors can watch a swampland film, chase a prehistoric AR scorpion around a showcase and spin an interactive
fossil-finder hourglass.

A final gallery about biodiversity and sustainability features a wall of insect specimens in mass display, with a swarm of community-knitted bees overhead. This gallery features a range of interactives, including a floor board game, ecosystem thread puzzle, and pledge wall with beehive writing desk.
Following a trail through Rochdale to nearby Number One Riverside, visitors get the chance to meet Dippy the world-famous skeleton cast, displayed for the first time in the North West.