Derby, From War to Peace

"Derby from War to Peace" is part of Derby Museum & Art Gallery's centenary commemorations, developed in partnership with the 9th/12th Royal Lancers Museum. The exhibition explores the contribution Derby made to the First World War during its closing months and the impact on the town in the immediate years after the armistice on November 1918.

The narrative provides additional information on how war helped change attitudes towards the roles of women, employment opportunities, housing and medical care. It looks at how Derby’s industries adapted to challenging economic circumstances in post-war Britain.

The exhibition itself, running from 20th October – 20th January has been curated by the 9th /12th Royal Lancers Museum alongside Derby Museum. We were responsible for the design of the gallery space, artefact displays, interactives and were involved from concept design throughout to completion.

The exhibition concept involved renovating period furniture to create a homely feel and give visitors a relatable experience. Included in the exhibition are memorial medals given to the widows of the First World War, personal images, ration documents, German currency and numerous illustrations and paintings from the era. A postcard feedback opportunity also encourages visitors to share their own stories from the First World War and hang them on the ‘Home Front” washing line.

The exhibition will be on display until 20th January 2019. Find out more here: