Deep History Coast

Deep History Coast is a mammoth discovery trail at 11 points across a 22-mile stretch of the North Norfolk coast. The trail of external interpretation and interventions explores the pre-history of this spectacular stretch of coastline and what it can teach us about early humans and their environment.

Core developed the interpretation plan for Deep History Coast, allowing for a coherent trail through the landscape which can be followed as a narrative journey or joined at any point independently. Adopting existing client content, Core worked with North Norfolk District Council and Norfolk Museums to develop ideas for the trail’s interpretive monoliths, adding opportunities for engagement with interactives and replica props.

Core developed content for the trail, producing final copy for panels and monoliths, and carrying out specialised image research and licensing, including liaising with scientific image libraries and other collections to provide an image database for the project. We also commissioned bespoke artwork for the interpretation, using a Norwegian illustrator specialising in scenes of deep history.

The final scheme includes 27 external totems, constructed from air-dried ok with graphic insets and featuring interactive, such as a fossil-finder interactive egg timer, and props such as arrows, axe heads and a mammoth bones. Other interventions along the trail include a large fixed-point perspective stencil onto a water treatment tank, depicting a family of steppe mammoth, and a Corten sculpture of cave art from the period.