Bolsover Castle

English Heritage commissioned The Creative Core to interpret and design a dramatic exhibition within the Riding House Range, introducing the visitor to the many passions in William Cavendish’s life.

In the Little Castle, The Creative Core designed a suite of interpretive furniture, influenced heavily by cabinetry in the 17th Century. Working closely with period furniture experts and research carried out at the V&A, The Creative Core commissioned a combination of modern digital methods of ornate timber carving with traditional craft woodworking and turning methods to stunning effect.

Placed strategically within the different rooms, once opened, the cabinets present surprises to the visitor, the content of which is associated with the personality and grandeur of the Little Castle. Spinning doves made from folded napkins, an exploding pop-up book of Williams’ life and an Ionic column made from cake – all as wonderfully eccentric and unexpected as the Little Castle itself.