A Day at the Seaside

Initially displayed at Scarborough Art Gallery, this touring exhibition tells the story of Britain’s seaside heritage and the early days of the seaside holiday. On display are objects, posters and a film produced by the Yorkshire Film Archive.

The Creative Core created a concept that appealed to all ages. Framed graphic units provide space for interpretation, using a bright design palette and maximising the potential for showcasing digitised archive materials including vintage posters, postcards and photographs. Double-sided beach-hut units form sturdy interactive stations for family activities and fun. We even created bespoke seating including a bench and custom-printed deckchairs!

Interactive engagements included ‘Make Your Own Postcard!’ with magnetic seaside icons and character cut-outs inspired by historic seaside fashions. Dressing up and a photo peep board encourages family photos, whilst ‘Seaside Memories’ uses smells to evoke reminiscences of visitors’ own seaside holidays.